How to get the monsoon offer in Geo Data up to 3.2TB, learn everything here

How to get the monsoon offer in Geo Data up to 3.2TB, learn everything here
Reliance Jio has once again introduced a new blast, offering a monsoon offer. Under this offer, customers will get data up to 3.2 TB. Apart from this, customers will also get the benefit of Rs 4,900. So let’s know about this special offer of Geo.

First of all, let us tell you that this monsoon offer of Geo is only for customers of Oppo Mobile i.e. if buy new phone of Oppo, then you will get the benefit of this offer. One more thing here is to tell that this offer is for both new and old customers of Geo, i.e. with Oppo’s new phones, if you use your old live SIM, you will get this offer. Under this offer, OPPO customers will get 4G data up to 3.2 TB. Plus, the benefit of Rs 4,900 will also be there.

What is Geo’s Oppo monsoon offer and how will it get 3.2 TB data?

If you buy OPPO’s new phone and recharge Rs 198 or 299 then you will get a cashback voucher of Rs 1,800 ie i.e. 36 vouchers of Rs 50.
Apart from that, there will be Rs. 1,800 in Geo Money, which will come in 3-6 times as 600-600. These 600 rupees will be available only with 13th, 26th and 39th recharge.

Apart from this, Make My Trip will get a discount coupon of Rs 1,300. In this way, overall, you get the benefit of 1800 + 1800 + 1300 = 4,900 rupees. This offer has started from 28th June and will remain till September 25.

You can talk about how to get 3.2 TB data, for this, you have to recharge the GPO of 198 or 299 rupees in the new phone of Oppo. In the plan of Rs 198, 2 GB data is available daily. In this way, total 56 GB data is available. At the same time, in the plan of Rs 299, there is a total of 3 GB ie 84 GB data per day. Let me tell you clearly that in the 198-rupee plan you will get 3.2 TB but 56×39 i.e. you get 2184 GB data.

Similarly, in the plan of Rs 299, with 28 days validity, 84 GB data is available ie i.e. 84×39 = 3276 GB data on 39th recharge. That is, after recharging the 39th you get 3.2 TB data.

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