50% increase in Swiss banks, Indians’ wealth; Swamiji’s tension – Government’s big success

50% increase in Swiss banks, Indians’ wealth; Swamiji’s tension – Government’s big success

The report of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) has exposed the claims of Narendra Modi government at the Center for curbing black money. According to the report, in 2017, Indians’ wealth in Swiss banks increased by 50 percent to nearly Rs 7,000 crore. However, this has reduced the deposits of Indians in the last three years.

The money collected by the Indians directly into Swiss banks has reached 99.9 million Swiss francs (about 6,900 crore) and deposited money through fund managers has become 1.6 billion Swiss francs (about 112 crore rupees). Despite the campaign against the black money of the Center, the increase in the wealth of Indians in Swiss banks is upset. Because the information of customers is highly confidential, people around the world are keeping their black money in Swiss banks.

Subramaniam Swamy opened against the government

Subramaniam Swami has opened a front against his own government. He wrote, “Breaking News Finance Secretary Aditya has achieved a great success. Deposits in the secret Swiss bank account have increased by 3 percent in the last 12 months globally. Indian deposits have increased by up to 50 percent. Adhiya handle more than this if Rajeshwar (Enforcement Directorate) does not come in the middle. ‘

The decline was recorded in 2016
In 2016, Indians’ wealth in Swiss banks declined by 45 percent. After the largest annual fall, it was 676 million Swiss francs (Rs 4,500 crore). This was the lowest level after the European bank started making public figures in 1987.

Increase in all types of deposits
According to the latest figures, the deposits of Indians deposited in Swiss banks amounted to Rs 3,200 crore, Rs 1,050 crore through other banks and Rs 2,640 crore in other loyalty forms. According to the SNB, in 2017 there was a sharp increase in deposits from Indians in every way.

More Pak deposits from India
In 2017, the deposit of Pakistani citizens in Swiss banks has decreased by 21 per cent. The Pakistanis deposited 1.15 billion Swiss francs (Rs 7,700 crore) in Switzerland’s banks. Despite the decline in deposits for three years, the total deposits of the Pakistanis are more than 700 crore rupees more than the Indians.

100 million of foreigners
According to the official annual data released by SNB, the total wealth of all foreign customers in Swiss banks is more than 1.46 trillion Swiss francs (about Rs 100 lakh crore). Despite the reduction in the deposit of foreign customers in 2017, Swiss banks have recorded 25% increase in profits.


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