Pakistan will provide black money to terrorism

Pakistan will provide black money to terrorism

There is another setback for Pakistan, which has not come out of its panic policies. Due to financial help being provided to terrorism, it is preparing to put a list of blacklist countries. In this regard, a six-day meeting of the ‘Financial Action Task Force’ (FAF) in Paris began on Monday.

In the last few months, Pak has been engaged in this effort not to put it in the list of countries which do not comply with FAF’s Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding Rules. At present, standing on the verge of joining FAFT’s ‘Gray-List’, Pakistan is in tension.

Indeed, the countries that come to this list have a bad effect on the economy. In February this year, Pakistan had escaped from joining the ‘Gray-List’. However, a senior FAFT official has confirmed that in June Pak will be placed in the AFFT surveillance list.

After the FAFT meeting of six days, it will be decided whether Pakistan should be included in the list of blacklist countries giving financial assistance to terrorism. Pakistan’s caretaker government has sent provisional finance minister Shamshad Akhtar to Paris to defend himself.

This is FAFT:
FAF is an intergovernmental body formed in 1989. Its purpose is to fight money laundering, financial assistance to terrorism and other issues which threaten the integrity of the international financial system. Earlier, Pakistan has lived in the FAAF’s ‘Gray List’ till 2012-15.

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