A small island in the middle of the canals in the city of Mexico, the horror doll is all around

A small island in the middle of the canals in the city of Mexico, the horror doll is all around

There is a small island in the heart of the canals of Jocchimico in the south of Mexico City. Photos here show a kind of pain. The way here is also seen horror dolls. These toys are very much liked by young children, but the toys present here do not tempt children at all.By seeing their pictures, children are very scared of children. Anyone who saw an Anabel Doll in the conjuring film shook but pictures of so many scary dolls on this island can be seen, then you can imagine what would be your situation. Once you read this news, you may find that this is a lie but this is not exactly the case. This is absolutely true. The name of this island has also been kept ‘Isla de las munekas’ (island of dolls) for this reason.

This island is dedicated to the lost soul of a poor girl. Although there are thousands of people living around this area, this island is considered to be the home of thousands of dolls. Their cut limbs, weak heads and empty eyes decorate the trees. At the time of day, looking at these dolls, it seems like they are threatening but they appear very troubled in the darkness of the night. It is believed that a girl was drowned years ago on this island and now her soul lives around these dolls.People living near the island say that all these dolls shake their heads and arms and often open their mouths too.

Some witnesses also say that these dolls whispered to each other. People living near the island also say that dolls tempt them to land on the island. Of course, those who say this about this place seem exaggerated, but it is true that this is a scary place that attracts visitors to visit.

Here, such horror dolls hang around, some of which have their heads folded in the rear, only some of them are hanging heads. There is no one burnt in these dolls, if someone is broken, then there is no filth. There is a strange odor of manure at this place. They are sometimes seen with blue eyes, sometimes with brown eyes and people without eyes.

This is a very big question as to how the doll came here. According to a news published in the Washington Post, Don Julian Santana Berrara, who took care of this island, saw a small girl drowning here. After this he also tried to save her but she failed to save her. After some time he saw a doll floating near the canals there. The most strange thing was that the doll belonged to the same girl who had died due to drowning.Then Julian caught that doll and hanged on the tree to honor the little girl’s soul and support her feelings. There have also been many reports that Zillian has made this story as a reason to live in solitude and there was no girl there.

If it is believed that Julian made this false story, then it is also a question of how to get rid of such a horror doll. According to Julian, she was afraid of that girl’s soul, so she started hanging on different types of dolls to please her soul. The close friends of Julian say that an invisible thing inspired them and they completely changed. He was also unhappy about the fact that he could not save that little girl.

According to the closest people, it seemed that Julian was inspired by some invisible force who completely changed it. One of the most strange things is that, 50 years after collecting various types of dolls and hanging them, Julian himself was found dead on the spot where the little girl died drowning. After this, most people now believe that Julian has joined other groups of other souls present on the island.

Local people say that after the death of Julian in 2001, this place has become a tourist attraction. Now many tourists come here and they bring many kinds of dolls with them. After the death of Julian, the island became very famous. Its story got place in many newspapers and TV shows. Although this work done by Julian seems quite commendable, its end is quite scary.


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