GirlsWhoDrinkBeer- CM Manohar Parikar

#GirlsWhoDrinkBeer CM Manohar Parikar trolled after his tweet

CM Manohar Parikar trolled after his tweet on #GirlsWhoDrinkBeer  , On a conference he said that ” I am more afriad now as girls have also started drinking Beer these days. The tolerance limit is being crossed.

His sexist remark drew severe flak, with Twitter user @TedhiLakeer sparking a nationwide trend when she asked women to share photos of them enjoying some beer, with the hashtag #GirlsWhoDrinkBeer.

After that social media trolls started, where women started uploading videos and photos while drinking Beer.

Not Only that Some Bollywood Celebrities have also given their own thoughts on this:

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